JohnsTek™ is a Strategic Technology Engineering firm specializing in the design and integration of niche technology systems and platforms that offer secure solutions, efficiency in operations, and enhanced visualization for critical decision-making. JohnsTek’s value proposition is rooted in our ability to transform insights into action, providing our clients with unprecedented levels of technology customization and forging the path for increased efficiencies and achievement of the competitive edge.

JohnsTek prides itself on our commitment to enduring and meaningful relationships with our customers and partners.


JohnsTek’s products and services in Critical Infrastructure and Cybersecurity are relevant in all industries.  Our approach is to develop a tailored solution based on their niche, with a holistic offering that provides our clients a competitive advantage. JohnsTek provides the program management and technology expertise to integrate discrete technologies into a single system-of-systems. Design of compatible operations management systems, security and access controls, interoperable communications, and analytic development through an operations center while ensuring the new technologies are compatible with existing systems is no small task. 


  • 24/7 Monitored Security Operations Center (SOC) 
  • Managed Security Service Provider
  • Cyber Attack Incident Management Tools
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Threat Intelligence Reports
  • Insider Threat Counter Measures


Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • Integrated Secure Communications
  • Voice and Data Collaborative Environment
  • Satellite, Cellular, and Ethernet Connection Sources
  • Real-time and advanced analytics
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Surveillance and Alerting Package
  • Integration of Airborne and Ground Sensors
  • Operations Center Design and Build to fit Client’s Needs

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Strategic Engineering of Infrastructure and Operations Management

JohnsTek offers clients Operations Centers design and implementation in support of Operations Management, Communications Center, Operations Monitoring Center, Network Operations Center, Field Operations Unit, and more! 

Gained from our experience in support in design and build of National Emergency Management Centers, Military Operations Command and Control Operations Center, Intelligence Fusion Centers, and National Fusion Centers, our experience and knowledge of “Best Practices” are realized with our Commercial clients. 

Airports and Seaports Operations Center and Terminal Operations Systems

The operations center is the place where all the data is sent to be analyzed and acted upon. Information from various sources, such as smart video cameras, Industrial control systems for HVAC, Fire Suppression, transportation, security sensors, geolocations tracking systems and more are integrated, analyzed, and visually displayed on state-of-the-art monitors and systems. This allows for unparalleled immediate understanding of the health and security of the terminal ecosystem and speeds critical decision making and communications.

The ‘Smart Terminal Ecosystem’ concept is a complete systems design that improves the passenger experience through the use of smartly managed systems that integrate into the Terminal Operations Systems, Airport/Seaport Security, and Operations Management Systems over a common secure communications platform.

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JohnsTek solutions offers support to Critical Infrastructure Protection, Maintenance and Inspection Support and Plant Operations in the Oil & Gas, Utility, and Transportation Industries. Our comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities provide facility and field support with the following capabilities: 

Improved Communications

  • Integrated Systems-of-Systems facilitates regular and constant flow of information for real time awareness and collaboration
  • Integrated communications allows Operations Center personnel to communicate with field workers and local authorities over great distances via push-to-talk radios interfacing with cellular or landline phones  
  • Radio networks of multiple brand names may join in a single network for interoperable communications

Monitoring, Inspection, Detection, and Alert

  • Fully operational modern Operations Center provides Command and Control, Communications Management, Real-Time Analytics, and Centralized Monitoring
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems offer day/night/multispectral visual monitoring of pipelines, water flow, electric power lines, bridges and roadways for leak detection, wear, sabotage, safety hazard, repair requirements, and more…
  • UAS provides geospatial data for map image creation, engineering products and analysis

Analytics and Reporting

  • Analytical systems provide video analysis
  • ingest ‘Big Data’ from multiple sources
  • Create visual representation of massive amounts of data from multiple data sources
  • Analytical products support design, inspection, real-time decision making and operational planning

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Precision Agriculture

Leading edge UAS sensors and analytics offers the latest capabilities of precision agriculture with enhanced monitoring, soil evaluation, crop analytics, and irrigation effectiveness that optimize agricultural operations.

Wildlife and Herd Management

Extended flight operations with high resolution visibility and analytical software provides population count, health measurements, migration patterns, species identification, and sanctuary enforcement, among other features. Monitor, report and communicate with local authorities, or experts.

Environment Studies and Analyses

Perform field studies, monitor changes in water levels, or flows, and document erosion.  Specialized camera systems and analytic software provides the ability to perform vegetation analysis, plant species identification, hazardous area monitoring, and other environmental studies.

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