JohnsTek™ is a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) initially established in 2003. JohnsTek’s members have held key management positions with successful large projects completed for large U.S. Corporations and U.S. Government technology contracts.  We provide solutions for multiple industries, including Telecommunications, Intelligence, Defense, and Federal and State Law Enforcement.  Multi-Agency experience of members includes Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, U.S. Embassies, Foreign Governments, and Private Industry.

JohnsTek offers support to Government operational missions such as Counter Drug, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence, Crisis Management, Disaster Planning, and Disaster Recovery.

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When government requirements call for highly reliable integrated and agile communication and surveillance platforms, JohnsTek’s solutions seamlessly complement existing government infrastructure in order to expand operational capabilities.

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JohnsTek has been awarded the GSA Schedule 70 IT Services contract.  Follow this link to the JohnsTek GSA Catalog.

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JohnsTek solutions are optimized for a broad array of military operations. As the military commander’s diversity of tasks constantly change, JohnsTek evolves by providing interoperability solutions that are ideal in austere and complex multinational environments.

Beyond C2

Command and Control is one thing, but leveraging “force multiplier” technology is another. In hostile or peacetime operations, JohnsTek solutions boast dynamic and scalable interoperability that impact outcomes. Our system empowers operators with the tools to more effectively observe, orient, decide, and act.

Generate Operational Tempo

JohnsTek understands military operations. We architect and deploy our solutions in a distinctive manner – with the operator/end-user and command element in mind.

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When crisis strikes, JohnsTek provides robust and collaborative mission critical integrated communications and real-time airborne surveillance capabilities that facilitate vital information exchange to first responders, emergency managers, and other decision makers.

Scalable Telecommunications

Communicate and share data when it really matters. And not only that, do it your way, based on the existing infrastructure and dynamics and scope of the crisis situation.

Technology Diversity

Platform and frequency agnostic — securely integrate across a myriad of UHF/VHF radios, smartphones, IP, satellite, and land lines.

Multi-sensor aerial platforms equipped with multi-spectral and thermal imagers, real-time day-night video and high resolution still images.

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Enabling key stakeholders to carry out their respective missions without worrying about frequency channels and hardware compatibility, JohnsTek provides on-the-go interoperability for critical voice, data, and video needs.

Platform Agnostic

Stay connected and share data, voice, and video – no matter the type of communication device. Manage and share your multi-agency or joint task force data and voice in a secure, efficient, and effective manner.

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Sea, Air, or Land, JohnsTek brings distant frontiers into focus by offering highly deployable communication and surveillance platforms to assist law enforcement agencies in combatting illicit trafficking. JohnsTek keeps critical information flowing, especially during high stakes enforcement operations.

Border Security

JohnsTek, through its KOPIS offering, provides a broad range of customized solutions that support remote day and night surveillance in sensitive geographic areas.

Coastal Watch

Tracking and interception of targeted vessels require reliably connected data and communications, in real-time. KOPIS, by JohnsTek, optimizes successful interdiction outcomes through up-to-date and efficient information sharing.

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DUNS 142428510

JohnsTek™ is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).

Cage Code 3P9X8


  • 517919, All Other Telecommunications
  • 518210, Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
  • 519130, Internet Publishing and Web Search Portals
  • 519190, All Other Information Services
  • 541360, Geophysical Survey and Mapping Services
  • 541430, Graphic Design Services
  • 541512, Computer System Design Services
  • 541519, Other Computer Related Services
  • 541611, Admin Management and Gen Mgt Consulting
  • 541614, Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
  • 541618, Other Management Consulting Services
  • 541690, Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
  • 541990, All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • 928110, National Security
  • 928120, International Affairs


  • AC66,R&D Defense System: Elect/Communications Equipment (Management/Support)
  • B544, Special Studies/Analysis, Technology
  • B553, Special Studies/Analysis, Communications
  • D302, IT and Telecom, Systems Development
  • D306, IT and Telecom, Systems Analysis
  • N058, Installation Of Equipment, Communication, Detection
  • D311, IT and Telecom Data Conversion
  • D308, IT and Telecom Programming

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