JohnsTek Inc is a Strategic Technology Engineering firm specializing in the design, integration, training and technical services of cutting edge technology platforms.  JohnsTek’s offerings feature mission critical systems, tailored to the client, ensuring the timely exchange of information, controlled access and platform agnostic inter-operability of communications systems enabling video, data, and voice communications.  In complex and fluid environments JohnsTek is a key enabler in missions calling for adaptive technologies and secure communications.


Offered as a complete package, or depending on the client’s need, as individual components, the JohnsTeK Operations Planning Information System (KOPIS) offering includes airborne remote day and night video surveillance, integrate existing video surveillance systems, integrated disparate communications systems, sensors and facilitate organizational collaboration. The KOPIS package is supported by field service representatives and service technicians on-site to provide technical assistance, operational consulting and system support. The complete system is an integrated sensor to operator solution, providing unmatched capability. Using a secure private network, KOPIS connects radios of all makes; telephones; smartphones; and computers, allowing the remote sensors and secure communications to be shared across all devices that are joined to the operational enterprise, in real time.


  • Integrated Secure Communications
  • Voice and Data Collaborative Environment
  • Incident Management Tools
  • Satellite, Cellular, and Ethernet Connection Sources
  • Real-time and advanced analytics
  • Connects to Airborne and Ground Sensors
  • Share Analytic Products


The communications integration and collaboration system consists of two major components, the Integration and Collaboration suite; and the high-bandwidth communications network.  These two components create communications nodes that link the disparate communications devices into a single network of systems that connects over large geographical areas.  The system extends coverage to areas that otherwise has no communications, connecting Operations Centers to operators in remote areas for real time communications and video/data sharing. This system facilitates the sharing of voice, data, video and other IP based communications, and forms the backbone of KOPIS.


  • Secure Communications Network
  • Platform Interface Kits for Radios of all makes, smartphones, landline (POTS) telephone, and video cameras
  • Access to Cellular, Satellite, IP Based networks
  • Communications Management Software
  • Ruggedized Equipment for field operations
  • Rack Mounted or Desktop Components
  • Secure share of data, voice, video


JohnsTek designs and implements operations centers and fusion centers where multiple agencies are able to coordinate and share information, develop analytics, and perform command and control of Law Enforcement or Crisis Management operations. The Operations Center integrates all critical information, sensor data, communications and other desired data, into analyst consoles consisting of multiple monitors and peripheral equipment connected to computers.  The console provides the ability to visualize multiple data sources into a single view, allowing a quick view of massive amounts of data.  The Operations Center management staff are able to monitor several elements of operations simultaneously and make operational decisions with current information and analytical products created in realtime.


  • Integration of data feeds from all information sources
  • Knowledge Wall of multiple screens for information display
  • Analyst Consoles with analytical software and communications capability
  • Management Console with aggregation of operational data and communications


JohnsTek offers a variety of Analytical Software that support Law Enforcement, Defense, Emergency Management, Pipeline and Area Security, Agriculture, Environmental Studies, and more! Our analytical systems operate in real-time, providing real time integration of processed videos, images, and graphics that are displayed on Knowledge Awareness screens, and available remotely over smart phones, tablets, and laptops for distributed dissemination and coordination. The Analytical Software is able to integrate any source of information, such as Drones, Police Records, Investigative Data, Prisoner Database, Phone Data, and Police Incident Reports to create links analysis diagrams, sharing of law enforcement data from across several agencies over large geographic areas, and visualization of organized crime or gangs on mapping and geospatial displays.


  • Integrated Incident Management: Track and record active incidents across interest areas (crime, suspicious activity, cyber security)
  • Advanced Geospatial Information System (GIS): Plot incident location on a map. Ability to see location/content of real-time Twitter feeds.
  • Links Analysis: connecting people and documents based on semantic analysis.


Organizations of all sizes have begun to realize the critical importance to have an effective cyber security program that is unintrusive to business processes. A true Cyber Security Program is one that takes a comprehensive view across the organization and brings together multiple elements from Governance and Oversight, Training and Awareness, and Tools, Techniques and Tactics.

JohnsTek Inc takes a holistic approach to Cyber Security

JohnsTek provides organizational resilience, risk management, and remediation. The JohnsTek approach supports the business operations and critical functions, not hinder them. Through taking a holistic perspective, JohnsTek’s program ensures business operations are prepared for, respond to, and recover from cyber events. Cyber Security spans more than hacking and intrusion, it strives to protect the organization from any threats, including the Insider Threat.


  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Monitored Services
  • Attack Remediation
  • Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, SOX, FACTA)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Organizational Resilience
  • Threat Based Risk Management


The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or Drone, is a key element of the KOPIS offering.  The UAS provides a full array of surveillance and analytical capability that forms a very powerful tool for JohnsTek clients.  Our line of UAS capabilities includes extended range, long endurance, and low weight systems, to short range, short duration, powerful copters, all capable of excellent performance in adverse conditions.  The JohnsTek drone packages are custom designed for use in crisis management, security, ecological analysis, agriculture, herd management, port operations, land surveying, map image creation, 3D model development, and much more!   


  • Autonomous Flight
  • Flight Planning Software
  • Hi-Resolution Day and Night Cameras
  • Multispectral Imaging
  • Comprehensive Ground Control Stations  
  • Advanced Technology Analytics
  • Much More

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JohnsTek was established to provide Strategic Technology Engineering to mid-to-large corporations and government organizations internationally.  With a focus on security, JohnsTek is comprised of a proven team of seasoned former U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement Professionals that bring over 150 years of experience and a broad range of expertise in intelligence, security, networking and communications system design and integration. We leverage this expertise to bring clients customized solutions in Critical Infrastructure, Telecommunications, CyberSecurity, Risk Management, Operations Control and Crisis Management solutions.

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