Integrating All Forms of Voice and Data Communications

The JohnsTek Integrated Communications Platform infrastructure provides an integrated network for voice, data, and video sharing, regardless of make or model.  The network utilizes disparate standards and protocols to extend beyond the reach of a traditional limited communications choices, creating a private network for the client to cover gaps in telecommunications coverage and expand the methods and devices interfacing into the communications network.  This platform allows radios of multiple makes and models, using various standards of communication (UHF, VHF, HF, Digital, Analog) to communicate with each other, and simultaneously communicate with Cellular and landline telephones.

Benefits of the Integrated Communications Platform include:

  • Secure encrypted communications and data sharing
  • Bring Your Own Device: Radios, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Telephones
  • Proprietary management console that allows private or broadcast communications
  • Incident Management protocols and procedures
  • Broadcast alerts
  • Extended coverage into areas with little to no infrastructure
  • Easy setup and simple to use
  • Mobile (ruggedized) kits and fixed facility consoles

JohnsTek Stands Above the Rest

JohnsTek is a Strategic Technology Engineering firm, poised to support to mid-to-large corporations and government organizations internationally. JohnsTek is comprised of a proven team of seasoned former U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement Professionals that bring over 150 years of experience and a broad range of expertise in communications architecture design and integration. We leverage this expertise of establishing secure communications in austere field environments for collaborating over large geographic areas to get the job done effectively!

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