JohnsTek’s cyber risk management practice is exclusively focused on enabling business outcomes through IT security, while averting business disruption and enabling disaster response and recovery.  Our practice consists of three pillars.

JohnsTek facilitates technology equilibrium of security and business processes for enterprise clients through a comprehensive and intelligent cyber risk management framework.  Well-balanced, and germane.


State-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC) 24/7, 365 days a year.  Cyber-threat monitoring and response, utilizing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology and established threat intelligence. Suspicious activity and security incidents on your network are  identified and remediated as they occur.  Features include:


Leveraging the power of global Cyber Security Industry Leaders, JohnsTek boasts best-in-class hardware and software solutions as a hallmark of our holistic approach and commitment to excellence.  Real protection that moves at the “speed of business”.



JohnsTek consulting services are targeted toward what matters most – threat mitigation of the most prevalent and problematic cyber attacks experienced by companies.   JohnsTek understands that cyber attacks target IT infrastructure, the end-user, and often times (and unfortunately) emerge from within the organization itself.  JohnsTek’s consulting practice consists of the following areas:

Policies and procedures are a function of information security, JohnsTek closely evaluates and makes recommendations that create an environment to thwart would be attackers – inside or outside the enterprise.

Because Malicious insiders and activities are omnipresent, persistent and increasingly sophisticated, JohnsTek focuses on Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) that prey on the end-user and that emerge from within.

JohnsTek assists regulated industry stakeholders in maintaining compliance with laws and regulations, as it pertains to their respective industry.

JohnsTek secures the enterprise from the INSIDE out and the OUTSIDE in! 


At the epicenter of enterprise security!


Today’s enterprises face dynamic and evolving threats.  The threat landscape is often so complex Enterprises are faced with choosing among many “right solutions”.  JohnsTek provides insight to this threat conundrum by focusing on all cyber threats faced by the organization.  JohnsTek’s suite of products and services address every phase of the attack cycle—from prevention to detection to remediation.

With JohnsTek, your organization becomes less vulnerable, and is positioned to focus on business.

Intellectually Inspired

There are countless statistics and reports on any number of cyber threats and their relevance to an organization.  What do they all mean? JohnsTek transcends by understanding and contextualizing industry trends and benchmarks as it pertains to your organization. In doing so, JohnsTek delivers tailor-made IT security strategies for your organization with staying power.  Outsmarting the bad guys, by out thinking them.


Integrity beyond reproach.  Battle tested professionals – former military officers that instinctively know how to respond when it matters most, in an emergency.  Do not fail to plan. Leave it to the professionals, no more compromises.

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