Utilizing best practices and the latest in technology, JohnsTek develops a plan that aligns business and technology. Whether your organization’s goal is to implement completely new technology or complement legacy systems, our Enterprise Architects and System Engineers ensure smooth and seamless integration.


JohnsTek’s comprehensive integration strategy works with enterprise stakeholders to define the environment, identify critical infrastructure and key mission areas; in doing so, we ensure the correct downstream choices. JohnsTek frames the strategy around governance, security, and control. Our strategic approach to information sharing and knowledge management is used by Fortune 500 Companies and Government organizations

Johnstek’s assessment method of IT requirements involves an in-depth and well documented study of the corporate processes, data usage, and IT effectiveness. The JohnsTek Team optimizes how these areas complement each other to provide value to the enterprise.

JohnsTek conducts studies, provides policy and product recommendations, and develops customized long-term strategies for procuring and implementing emerging technology and other operational support capabilities.


Understanding that attaining digital resilience is more than throwing valuable resources at the problem, JohnsTek evaluates and optimizes the enterprise architecture through a disciplined and process driven approach. From data integration to secure storage, and information delivery to controlled access; JohnsTek facilitates collaboration across enterprises regardless of distance or communication limitations.



JohnsTek provides comprehensive telecommunication services for data and voice networks. JohnsTek engineers are experienced in developing and implementing data and voice communication long haul networks in austere environments (low bandwidth and poor infrastructure). Similarly, JohnsTek is adept in working in high speed, advanced technology environments that support rapid communications and Big Data management.


JohnsTek understands the myriad of difficult decisions that accompany modern day cybersecurity programs, and how those decisions transcend the enterprise and affect an organization’s functional areas. Our network administration and cybersecurity offerings protect the enterprise’s information assets, and do so in a meaningful manner that is sustainable and reinforced through stakeholder objectives. The result is a secure and well prepared organization.

JohnsTek provides network administration including Help Desk support, Systems Engineers, Network Administrators and Cyber Security. Among our expertise we offer:

  • Information Systems Security
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • Network Vulnerabilities Mitigation
  • Counter Security Measures.
Our cyber security program includes
  • Network Monitoring
  • Usage Auditing
  • Activity Detection
  • Alerting & Reporting


JohnsTek offers services to recommend, purchase, configure, and integrate communication systems for voice and data. This includes the latest technologies in Land Mobile Radio systems, public or private cellular, satellite communications, and Internet Protocol networks for voice or data. Our solutions integrate all of those systems into a single protected network for the enterprise communications.



From links analysis and natural language processing to advanced geospatial information, JohnsTek broadens client capabilities in the mobility, cloud-based, and enterprise environments – enabling effective collection, management, and analysis of large amounts of data.

JohnsTek provides tools to extract actionable information from disparate data to develop common operating pictures across multiple sources.

  • Incident Management
  • Advanced Geospatial Information
  • Analysis Tools
  • Integrated Sensors


Aligning business and technology, JohnsTek’s airborne sensing solutions provide an increase in relevant data results and optimization. JohnsTek assists the following market sectors in deriving value:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Defense & Public Safety


JohnsTek’s consulting practice is centered on providing high level, cross-functional expertise and unique insights to our clients. JohnsTek works with stakeholders to define risk and the respective organizational model that aligns technology and the enterprise.


An accurate perspective on existing information security functions is critical in determining which enterprise information assets are at risk. JohnsTek adds value by working with enterprise stakeholders to understand existing initiatives and internal technology programs. Systems, policies and procedures are evaluated for exposure to threats and the necessary risk abatement strategies and leading-edge technology controls are implemented to ensure the balance between operations and security.


JohnsTek offers a full range of Information Security solutions. While JohnsTek understands the importance of compliance with federal laws and regulatory requirements, we understand that it is not the only factor in designing an effective and resilient information security program. JohnsTek focuses on identifying vulnerabilities, mitigating risk and increasing overall security in today’s hyper-connected information systems.

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