Airborne Security, Analysis, Mapping, and more!

JohnsTek provides a mix of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) equipped with sensors tailored for the mission. By default, our systems come with electro-optical (day) and infrared (night) full motion video cameras that produce ultra high-resolution point video and still images.

All systems come with advanced Ground Control Stations housed in a ruggedized case for field use in any weather condition.  UAS Flight crew can monitor video and mapping data collection, perform real-time analysis, and adjust flight plans from the ground station.

Additionally, the UAS package comes with Flight Control and Mission Planning software that is used to design flight plans for autonomous flights, track flights in progress, and control changes to the aircraft mission during the flight.  An advanced telemetry system keeps a record of all flight data during the flight, and stores it for post flight analysis.

UAS Responder

Our ROTARY WING aircraft is best used for short flight duration air data collection and production of high resolution mapping data.  Use Cases for this aircraft include gap filler for Riverine Security, Port Security, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Pipeline and Tower Maintenance, Agricultural and Environmental Analysis, and Mapping.

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UAS Serenity

Our FIXED WING aircraft is best used for long range, expanded duration air surveillance data collection and production of high resolution mapping data.  Use Cases for this aircraft include Border Security, Area of Operations Surveillance, Coastal Watch, Pipeline Monitoring, Herd Management, Horizontal Construction, Landscaping, Agricultural and Environmental Analysis, and Mapping.

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The JohnsTek Team will custom fit a UAS package for each client to meet the mission requirements.

Benefits of the JohnsTek Unmanned Aircraft Systems include:

  • Autonomous flight systems
  • High Resolution day/night/thermal/multispectral cameras
  • Mapping Software for 2D or 3D mapping images
  • Military grade air surveillance systems capable of long flight (up to 8 hours)
  • Ideal option for full service pipeline surveillance, monitoring and inspection
  • Line of Sight real-time video download into Mobile Ground Station
  • More!

JohnsTek Stands Above the Rest

JohnsTek is a Strategic Technology Engineering firm, poised to support to mid-to-large corporations and government organizations internationally.  JohnsTek is comprised of a proven team of seasoned former U.S. Military and Federal Law Enforcement Professionals that bring over 150 years of experience and a broad range of expertise in intelligence, security, and surveillance system design and integration. We leverage this expertise provide effective UAS solutions in Border Security, Critical Infrastructure Inspection, Agriculture Operations, Ecological Studies, Mapping, and Disaster Management operations, and much more!

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